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    January 2018 BTB

    Westin and labelle ;)
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    January 2018 BTB

    Have already booked hotel n bridal last 2 mths! If u were to get married in jan 2018, i tink is best to find it fast! Cause i realise alot of dates are booked really quick.
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    Mandarin Oriental or Marriott Tang or Intercontinental?

    Alot of ppl told me intercon foods not nice. Mandarin oriental foods is gd! Nt sure abt Marriott.
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    2017 brides

    Hi jocelyn, did you went to their new studio for prewedding shoot? May i know who's your sales coordinator? You can pm me. (: I am also la belle customer. Thanks
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    2018 BTB

    My bridal studio nvr provide :( Oh really? Thanks!
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    2018 BTB

    Does anyone know where to buy/source for bride's mum dress? (Do not prefer cheongsam)
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    WTS: Wedding Table Styling $88

    Can pm me too? Thanks.
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    Looking for wedding banquet for 2018

    Hi all, apologies. Have already signed up with my desired hotel banquet (: Thanks all!
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    Letting go of Whitelink Bridal Studio Package (AD and Pre-wed)

    Hi girl, can pm me? Am interested. Thanks
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    2017 Digio Brides

    Hi hi. Mind sharing ur digio package? :) Am planning to sign with digio too. Love their gowns!
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    Westin hotel package letting go

    Hi chloe Couldnt pm you which idk why. Am interested. Kindly pm me Thanks!
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    January 2018 BTB

    Am also a jan BTB! But i am still sourcing for a hotel venue *cries*
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    2017 Digio Brides

    Am interested in digo bridal too. May i knw the package u signed? Would like to knw what additional stuff they can give (:
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    2018 BTB

    Am also 2018 BTB! But i am still sourcing for wedding banquets as some hotels are out of dates! *cry* anyone holding their wedding at fourseason,westin,goodwoodpark or park royal pickering? Would love to hear the perks given!
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    Looking for wedding banquet for 2018

    Hi all, in case anyone is letting go of wedding banquet, kindly let me know. 1) estimated tables: 25-30 2) pillarless 3) prefer hotel banquet Thanks all. Regards Kate
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    Take over Fullerton Grand ballroom

    Only applicable for april?