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    Ang Bao Box

    Dear Cecelia is your ang bao box still available? Cindy [email protected]
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    Ang Bao Box

    Dear OCL your red garden angao boxes still available ? how much?
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi! did the 3 month be4 and after no red and white events apply to my family member as well?
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    NATAS 2011 Feb

    Wat are the thing to look out for in NATAS? any exp to share?
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    NATAS 2011 Feb

    So if i book on Aug/Sept for Dec trip.. will it be too late ?
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    Make Up Course

    Hi! I'm looking for make-up class to improve my make-up. any classes to recommend? what the price like? Thanks
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    NATAS 2011 Feb

    Dear Eileen u mean there is another NATAS Fair coming up in June? I'm looking for holiday in Nov
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    Advise need to backpack/F&E honeymoon to Europe for begineer

    Thank Min Min and Raymond.. will do more study be4 making the decision. By the way.. I know it will be very cold in Paris during Nov but will it snow..?
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    Any information on Greece, Egypt & Nepal

    Hi! Mrs Chiew, how is ur Egypot trip.. is it fun & memorable? How is your itinerary and is it suitable for honeymoon?
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    Advise need to backpack/F&E honeymoon to Europe for begineer

    Hi! I am planing to go Paris for Honeymoon... anyone know estimated how many will it cost per person? how the weather like in Nov?
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    Pearl River Palace

    Hi! if you are holding in the restaurant.. they provide 0ne projected
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    Furama Riverfront Singapore

    Hi! i have just meet up with the event manager and discover that i miss the wedding show.. may i know any one attended? any special offer? maybe i can ask for more thing ? Thanks
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    10 Good Beauty Salons to recommend

    Dear Sharon, may i have the address of facial in salon at Peninsular Plaza,city hall?
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    Which credit card is better to pay for banquet?

    Hi! May i also have the list my email address: [email protected] Thanks
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    Is this reasonable?

    Hi ppl, i have the same problem too.. do you normally discuss with your own parent first of what they wan before the both parent meet ?
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    What extra will they charges ?
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    2 different set menus at Wedding?

    Hi! I'm trying to hold a half normal Chinese and half vegetarian wedding.. any place for recommend? did normally hotel or restaurant charges addition for food tasting for 2 diff menu ?
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    2011 wedding banquet at hotel.. budget $800 ~ $900.. any suggestions

    Elaine, what is the package for Amara? can u send me ? [email protected]
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    M Hotel Singapore

    hi! any feedback for wedding in M hotel recently.. ?