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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    im oso Dec07 bride and conceive during wedding nite. baby coming in sep08. also nt in our plan but we are still happy looking forward to baby arrival..
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    Hong Kong - Hotel & ShoppingRecommendation

    hi gals is it cheaper to book F&E package with travel agency or book separately on our own? given tat agency oso provide city tour n airport transfer.. Im planning for 5D4N to HK/Macau in Mar but no idea where to start.. tks
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    Ti Qing necessary?

    besides GDL, what do we need to do on actual day? I know there will be tea ceremony. wat else need to be done?
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    COME Share: Carat/Clarity/Colour of Ur Diamond Ring

    hi gals, does ur diamond ring allows upgrade without losing its value? mine is 0.2 carat, VS, E colour. Celesttial.
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    Dunlopillo Mattress

    i saw dunlopillo grandeur luxury queen size for $3102, is it cheap?
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    AHA Peeling Treatment

    hi alegna i went to kim mun clinic for treatment.. but pimple still pop out.. sadz.. gog back for review after two weeks.. tot of trying light peel treatment.. u tried before? btw, im not too sure of the steps and whether i applied correctly. the doc prescribe me with: cleanser toner...
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    hi gals jus to check, all wedding gowns come with padding rite? so do we still need to wear nubra? if we want, do ur designer take off the padding from the gown? or we can just wear nubra even with the padding on the gown?? pls advise. tks
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    Maple Clinic @ Tampines?

    hi all can anyone advise how does the doctor treat acne problem?
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    AHA Peeling Treatment

    hi alegna can u tell me hw kim mun clinic treat acne problem? im currently experience acne problem on one side of my cheek and gog for PS next mth.. looking for a quick solution.. tks
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    Hong Kong Hotels - which is good?

    hi rachel tks for ur advice..
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    Hong Kong Hotels - which is good?

    Hi any comment on dorsett olympic and Anne Black YWCA? my budget is less than $100 per nite, any hotel to recommend?
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    Hong Kong - Hotel & ShoppingRecommendation

    Hi Anyone heard of the following hotel? any comments? 1. dorsett olympic hotel 2. The Anne Black - YWCA Will be going end of jul.. do u tik the hotel allows 4adults in a room? tks
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    Any good dermatologist to recommend?

    Hi Im gog for PS in Jun... is it too late to treat problem skin? i hv acne problem, not serious type but one or two per mth.. and recently my face seems like there are alot of blackheads and whiteheads.. and my face is always red.. my face is also always oily at the T-zone.. any idea whats...
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    All brides!! Survey on OTR or MTM??~

    hi Midas Can share with me ur photos too? my email is [email protected] tks
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    Anyone taken PS at Changi broadwalk?

    Hi can anyone share with me their outdoor PS? my email is [email protected]. Im looking for nice scenery.. One of the place i like is raffles marina country club..
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    Ti Qing necessary?

    Hi cactus tks.. in fact we have already booked our AD in Dec including ROM.. Yes, i will talk to my parents on what they actually want and whether we can keep it simple. Then after that i will discuss with my FH before we arrange both parents to meet up.. Hope everything goes well.. actually...
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    Ti Qing necessary?

    Hi cactus Tks for ur detailed advice.. well to us, we want to keep things as simple as possible.. we actually hope to skip all these things. becoz my FH come from single parent family. His father dunno all this matters and wont bother abt it lor.. mayb we will just hv a simple meal to discuss...
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    Ti Qing necessary?

    Hi all Need an advice. We are getting married in Dec 2007. My parents say my FH must go to them to ti qing. Is this necessary? What need to be done during this ti qing session? Are we going to talk abt pin jing as well? What does pin jing consist of? My parents ask me how many tables my FH is...
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    Any David Lim's bride

    Hi gals can share with me his contact n package charges, etc? my email [email protected] tks
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    hi Anybody has photos of the ballroom? How is the service and food? IS the ballroom pillarless? tks