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    my fren is usin e.excel products.. called oxyginberry age-defying eye helps for her as it lighten e dark circles n puffiness ard e from chemicals..worth a try
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    Any good daily face moisturiser to recommend?

    currently using e.excel products called e oxyginberry essence.. water based for all skin types.. after using dun feel oily e whole day n face become smoother.. even my granny like it haa.. tin worth it though abit x but is free from chemicals.. so y 115ml
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    Any Good Driving Instructor - For refreshing course

    Hi Jackie Tay, I have called Tay recently, but he does not provide fetchin n sendin services.. find e charges x as well.. wonder wat is e market rate? he charge $50 for 90min..
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    Any Good Driving Instructors to recommend?

    i'm lookin for a pte instructor for auto car ard sengkang area as well.. provides fetchin & sendin services.. wat is e market rate now? under pte, will e instructor go to circuit or it depends on individual?
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    Any recommendations for pte Driving Instructor (auto)?

    guys, i lookin 4 pte instructor in e east.. charges less than $30...provides fetchin n sendin services.. pls email mi at [email protected] tks