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    Cost of Drawing Up a Will

    Hi all, I heard from my colleagues that for joint properties with spouse, the will that is drawn stating that the properties should be given to the children is still not valid until both husband and wife are no longer alive anymore. If one party is alive, the properties will be given to the...
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    Cost of Drawing Up a Will

    Thanks everyone! So I need to register with the Wills Registry and once its done, it stays valid even if the law firm has closed down yeah?
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    Cost of Drawing Up a Will

    I see... and if the law firl and lawyer who processed your will is no longer practising, is the will still valid? Thanks for answering cos I'm a little clueless at going about it.
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    Cost of Drawing Up a Will

    Hi everybody, Does anyone has experience or know how to engage a lawyer to draw up a will? Please kindly share the procedure with me? I would like to know the cost of engaging a lawyer and drawing up a will for my children to inherit the sales of my housing properties. Thank you.
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    Anyone has successfully gotten rid of termite nests at home?

    SOS! My aunt found two termite nests at home in one of the rooms and she suspects there's a lot more nests at home cos there's damaged wood in other rooms and she often seen many fat lizards in her house. Must have been feeding on the huge amount of termites. I know the best thing to do is...
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    Raffles Country Club

    Hi all, I'm interested to book RCC. May I know how much is the price per table on weekends?
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    Doing a masters course

    I'm thinking of doing a masters in mass comm in one of the local unis. The 1st postgrad degree is subsidised so since it will cost about the same as a degree, I might as well do the masters course. However, my basic degree wasn't in mass comm. My current employment is also not in the field of...
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    What if your immed boss is such a person...

    If your dept head only believes her, your dept head is also a problem for the rest of the workers isn't it? She's biased, and concludes based on 1-sided hearsay and from 1 source only.
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    Green Weddings

    Watched it on TV today that some tailors recycle outdated wedding gowns into short jiemei dresses, maybe you can hunt around for those shops to buy or rent your jiemei dresses
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    Riverview Hotel

    Hi Queen I see.. that's good to hear. I already like the present garden theme decor but I look forward to see the new decors they will have nexy year. I have no food tasting yet cos I havent even signed the package but I've eaten at the restaurant for lunch to try out their food, a number...
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    Where to get nice wedding shoes

    Loe & Behold sells nice shoes! I got a pair from the friendly lady boss at her sixth avenue home cum shoe boutique.
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    Copthorne King's Hotel

    Hi ppl, Im looking for a venue now. Can anyone tell me how is the shape and design of the ballroom in this hotel like?
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    Riverview Hotel

    Hi potat0, I also think so, so far, they are nice to agree to change the desserts in my chosen menu to what I want free-of-charge and upgrade my bridal suite to an executive suite if I sign with them. How many bottles of red wine are they giving you? Any white wine? I'm hoping they will...
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    Hotels that are pillarless

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    My affair

    That 2nd guy could have broken up with you for another woman, isnt it? You wont know the reason. Even if you are still together with this 2nd guy, the spark and love may not last forever too. How would you that 5-10 years later he will still be as loving.
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    Riverview Hotel

    Went to riverview today to try their food and went to the ballroom today to see its layout and design for the wedding that's taking place in the afternoon. Everything looks good and nice, I'm likely to sign up with this place for my wedding. Any like minded people here? We can dicuss about...
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    "Face" Issues with car

    My hubby will only be too glad to let me drive and that he does not have to sit behind the wheel. But he doesnt trust my driving skills at all so he still drives. I prefer to be driven than drive. So there's no issues here here