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    Rather worried now... What do you think?

    I think it is not HIV, it is cancer..... take care & enjoy life to the fullest!
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    Any recommendations for good and reasonable price for PI

    The girl may be playing mind games with u. Since she cant have your husband, she may feel resentful towards you, and probably towards him too.
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    Shall I forgive my husband?

    I m 39yrs old with 2 kids age 11 & 8. 3yrs ago I discovered my husbamd's affair. Tried very hard but failed to reconcile. I gave up trying 6mths ago n we only communicate via sms if necessay though staying under 1 roof but in different room. I have fear talking to him, or asking him to do...
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    How much shd i bid for COV

    Not advertising and never earn commission. The contractor I just used for my house is reliable and good. But he is more of the Chinese kind, If it is the usual hacking, painting, polishing, custom make wardrobe, he can do it at a very reasonable price. No GST too. His name is Andy, number 9146 0119.
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    Finally the truth.....

    Your mum could have dumped you!!! And u will be an orphan growing up without love, care & concern.
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    The Other Party

    Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop deceiving yourself!!!!!!!!
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    My affair

    The man may be MARRIED. While u r glad u had that MOMENT IN LIFE, it will be hellish for the wife when it is exposed. New life for you may lead to end of life for another. Worst if kids r involoved.
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    Brand new iphone 4 GB

    Hi, it is 16GB
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    Brand new iphone 4 GB

    Just collected from M1 shop yday. Absolutely brand new with box & plastic intact. Can exchange with 7 days starting from yday for any faults. Letting go @ $900. Pls text me at 97438812 if interested.
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    "last up to 7 days"

    I found a packet of pills that contains the above claim. It is needed when "MATE". Hubby said friend gave it to him and he never use it!! Wat shall i do? Believe n move on?? Do guys receive such things amomg friends?? Is it common??
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    How much shd i bid for COV

    Also to add, u need not pay com to agent for private properties!!
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    How much shd i bid for COV

    Hi, $400k!!!! Pls seriously consider buying a studio. Bank Sibor is now around 1.1%. 20% deposit is around $80k. And you can save a lot on renovation. Studio commands a much higher rental yield compare to a HDB 3room. If I m not wrong, it can be at least 30% more!!! Imagine your hard cash outlay...
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    Dun worry. It will never happen in real life to you!!! Not this life. Not next life!
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    St Regis Hotel voucher

    Hi Ray, I have resent. Basically the voucher comes with the Toyota car that I purchase. It is valid for a deluxe room. Also got $160 food voucher that can be used at any of their F&B outlets. It is going to expire on 30th June. There is no restrictions like PH or weekends for the...
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    St Regis Hotel voucher

    Hi all, I have replied to your respective email. Pls check!
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    St Regis Hotel voucher

    Hi all, I have a 1 night St Regis room voucher, together with a $160 dinning credit selling at $350. Voucher expires 30th June 2010. Interested pls give me your email. Thanks
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    Annulment or Divorce?

    How many months r u pregnant? Everybody pls dun shoot me! Pls consider if u could abort! (unless u r ready to bring the baby up alone) Leave this man! Even if annulment is not granted, then head for divorce. RUN!!!
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    Innocent flirting?

    You dun love your hubby anymore. U r living in the past of your still sweet n loving days. U love those moments n hope it will come back again. You love the hubby years years ago!!! one day u will wake up n realise the hubby u love is long gone!!! The man sleeping beside u is no longer the same...
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    Innocent flirting?

    You have a very weak will from the beginning....though u know what to do, but you kept giving in to all the thoughts from the past!!One day, you will wake up and realise all the pain, hatred.....are gone! And the marriage is meaningless cos there is no true bonding n togetherness anymore! But...
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    Innocent flirting?

    Y r right. Who am I to conclude for her. No offence to anybody.