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    A Chatting Place-Introduce Yourself

    hi all, I am 31... female ROMed for 2 years, now prep for customery this oct working FULL time. interests: play games of all sorts, cooking And LAZE around ....and mahjong too! feel free to chat up with me...
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    hi all, nice to c so many brides in oct tis yr! first time in tis thread. hope to mingle with all to xchange ideas, experience & anxieties... btw, any one here holding banquet at sheraton? any good & cheaper printer for wedg invites? thks
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    so glad to hear all good comments on ST. ours is on end oct this year. now i worry no assured. my coord is engyan too. she is very nice and straightforward and helpful. so far i like their service. heard that the food is nice...hope they remain their standard. i will not be hesitant...
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    Carlton Hotel

    hi all, thx for the fast replies. Well, the person i contacted did not mention anything much abt any promos or wedding fairs etc. Btw, anyone here liaised with this person call Shafie? Will try to look out for those extra perks....gotta make the money well spent :> AD is gonna be ard sep -...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Well, mostly perks n price i guess. The person who spoke to us doesn't seem to willing to compromise much on the pkg though :<
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi Tigger, grats to u! Actually i went with my wife to Carlton n met up with this guy call Shafie just right before your wedding. So got to see your signature photo b4 u kept it up. Must say the both of u look fabs :> Saw the cute bears as well. just wondering wat type of pkg did u manage to...
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    Hi Jan, would love to have a chance to view ur pics as well. Can u pls send it to me at [email protected] thx.