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    Actual Day Bridal Package

    Hi all, Just want some advice on actual Day bridal package. How much is average for an actual Day bridal package that includes photographer in it.
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    Wedding planning advice

    Hi everyone My fiancé and I are planning to tie the knot in Dec 2018, and we haven't start out with our wedding planning yet as we are clueless on what, where and how to start off with the planning. Recently we went to the bridal fair at Vivo but we didn't seal any deal as we don't know when...
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    Letting go Rico-A-Mona AD package @ $1600

    Still available? Can pm me for details?
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    2017 brides

    Hello. I'm new here and I'm a 2017 BTB too. Our planned wed will be in Dec 2017. Was wondering what should I look out for during the prep.