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  1. JoeyNg

    M Hotel Singapore

    can pass me ur email ?
  2. JoeyNg

    M Hotel Singapore

    hi JTee and limkx, best is to liase with the Catering Manager so that u can see couple's AD and layout. Thats what i did. Cheers.~
  3. JoeyNg

    M Hotel Singapore

    Had my AD at M hotel Anson ballroom on 25th jan. d exp with my banquet manager Salleh and catering manager Evangeline. All went smooth. Food portion was gd and was complemented by many of my guests. Red wine was also gd and well sought after by my guests. Bridal suite comes with jacuzzi. Mine...
  4. JoeyNg

    Wedding Shoes^_^

    hi im helping my WTB to ask abt shoes for kua. any kind souls have lobang ?
  5. JoeyNg

    (2014/01) Jan 2014 BTB

    HTB can anot ? lol. Mine's on 25th jan 14.
  6. JoeyNg

    Looking for wedding banquet dinner in sept-oct 2013. Urgent!

    u may want to consider m hotel as they're having $100 off per confirmed table for AD before 1st jan 201. Not affialiated to them but i find it a good deal.
  7. JoeyNg

    M Hotel Singapore

    hi, my WTB and i booked M hotel anson room for our AD. perks were extended from the May 2013 promo to us. 1 of it was free flow beer and red wine from 7pm onwards. Currently for those who booked now and their AD is before 1st jan 2013, u're entitled to $100 off per table.....some how i missed...