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  1. lightsandco

    Good Contractor to recommend

    Hi did you use him in the end? let us know your feedback. thanks
  2. lightsandco

    Seperation or Divorce

    why do you want to wait till MOP? if eventually your decision is a divorce, its better to sell before your neighbours can. but of cos buyers will be asking why you are selling before MOP.
  3. lightsandco

    Do not want to force myself to invite people I dislike to the wedding

    did they let you know before they invite them as a form of courtesy?
  4. lightsandco

    Hdb matters

    hmm if you took a cpf housing grant, a resale levy is applicable if your second flat is also subsidised one.
  5. lightsandco

    Good Contractor to recommend

    please pm contact details thanks