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  1. fenarie

    (2014/05) May 2014 BTB

    Hihi, I'm a May 2014 BTB too! I just confirmed my hotel venue at Goodwood Park. Going to source for bridal boutiques next. How about you ladies?
  2. fenarie

    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Hello Chewy, Congrats on signing the package! I'm going to be a BTB May 2014 at Goodwood Park as well. I'm sorry to learn about your new coordinator. Who is he/she? I think it's possible to request for it if you are really uncomfortable with him/her. I suggest that you can write in to an email...
  3. fenarie

    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Dear Master Tong, Could you advise weekend dates for solemnisation between Sep to Dec 2013? Groom: 11 Mar, 1983 (Pig) Groom's Mum (deceased) : 1 Nov, 1947 (Pig) Groom's Dad : 8 Jul, 1949 (Ox) Bride : 7 August, 1985 (Ox) Bride's Mum : 14 Sep, 1952 (Dragon) Bride's Dad : 21 Jul, 1950...