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  1. christinec

    (2014) 2014 Brides

    Hi there @vvzz would you mind sharing where you got the boxes from in JB? Do they have many varieties or a website?
  2. christinec

    Eyelash Extension

    Hello all BTB, I would like to share my experiences with eyelash extensions and falsies. I have been getting my eyelash extensions( for about $48 ) for a couple of years at a shop at Bugis Street on the ground level which also does hair extensions and It usually lasts for a month or more...
  3. christinec

    need help n advice directions

    Speaking from personal experience, just have a clean break and move one. Deep down inside you should know what you should do. No matter what anyone may say the final decision lies with you by the way a man's words and actions are everything, stop finding excuses to justify his behaviour...
  4. christinec

    What should I do?

    Sorry to hear that but the decision lies in your hands, if you go with an abortion then you get your life back and move on from the entire incident. There may be many reasons for not wanting an abortion but ultimately it is the responsibility you have towards yourself and no one else. Besides it...
  5. christinec

    BTB in 3 months (Change my lifestyle and look great)

    All the best, the first step is always the hardest. I have stopped procrastinating and am now into day 3 after a month long absence from the gym, eating clean 70% the other 30% is because I just had noodles (carbs) so it's green juice or blended fruit shake after a workout this evening! Good...
  6. christinec

    (2014/12) December 2014 BTB

    Hi there! Congratulations to everyone! Thanks for sharing all of your plans and as well as the useful information about the bridesmaids dresses, I will definitely check that out! I will not be having any dowry items as my HTB is not local but I think shuang xi le have a lot to offer online...
  7. christinec

    BTB in 3 months (Change my lifestyle and look great)

    Hello All, I hope that everyone is well on track! I am all for warm freshly squeezed lemon water first thing in the morning and sipping on plain warm water throughout the day Reduction in 80% of carbs (breads, rice, noodles)carbs, one - two meals out over the weekend, more oily fish, less fried...
  8. christinec

    In love with a married man

    Sorry to hear of such emotions that you have gone through but you really need to work on your self esteem and confidence and you will find someone worthy of you.
  9. christinec

    Need Help!

    Hi there i am sorry to hear about it i think that such behavior is totally unacceptable and should not be tolerated from a spouse! There must be a reason why someone would enter a marriage and choose to act in a certain way or perhaps he/she has already had such character from the beginning. I...
  10. christinec

    (2014/12) December 2014 BTB

    That's wonderful that almost everything is booked! Don't we all manage just fine on our own. All the best i am sure all the rest of the planning will be smooth sailing ahead!
  11. christinec

    1 2 Lose Weight

    Hello everyone, i hope that everyone is sticking to their weight loss programs! I have always been overweight and have lost a totally of about 20kg in the last three years. As a Dec BTB i have a goal of 10-15 more kg to go, i work full time and have a busy personal life, a commitment to...
  12. christinec


    Hi there! Yes i can recommend a couple of remedies. Firstly do not shave your underarms, use an epilator, tweezers or wax (i had a reaction to this so i'd personally not recommend it especially if you have an upcoming wedding) but that said waxing is better than shaving) Also try not to use a...
  13. christinec

    (2014/12) December 2014 BTB

    Hello everyone I am a December 2014 BTB as well and just started my wedding preparations this March! I was so stressed out initially as I am doing all of the planning alone! However, I will be signing the contract for the venue confirmation tomorrow and I think everything should go just fine...