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  1. heyjoy

    2017 brides

    Completed my local studio shoot with Yikeshu. Photographer wise they are very professional and will joke with you to lighten the mood so that you and your htb appear more natural in the pic. Our studio shoot experience turn out to be nice and enjoyable. Make up artist is a lady called J*** . I...
  2. heyjoy

    JTS bad experience with Dreamweavers

    Hi sharlyn, I second you on that and also had very bad service and printing experiences dealing with them . As usual, dreamweavers were tied to my hotel and we had to use them. Every single email that I sent took minimal 3 days for a reply. I usually have to call them. They initially sent me...
  3. heyjoy

    2017 brides

    I have signed. Will update on my experience later... hopefully it will turn out ok?
  4. heyjoy

    Videography on AD

    Hi Can PM me too? Looking for AD videographers too. Thanks!
  5. heyjoy

    Who should I invite for my banquet dinner?

    Hi Enchantedgal, I think you should only invite the important friends whom you really want them to be part of your special day. It is your wedding and you don't have to feel bad if you do not wish to invite those who are no longer "that close" or has not been in much contact anymore :)
  6. heyjoy

    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    I have gotten quote from Mandarin Oriental for our Sat lunch banquet -- their garden suite can also do about 10 tables onwards, apart from the atrium suite that handles ~15 tables.