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  1. annieang

    Letting go La Belle package

    Hello! Could you PM me pls? Pretty keen on engaging LaBelle!
  2. annieang

    For a Monique Lhullier bride-to-be

    Wow love this! How much is this?
  3. annieang

    WTS : AD Photography

    Hello! Which photographer is this? And how much!!
  4. annieang

    WTS: Sexy White Mermaid Lace Wedding Gown

    Possible to try before purchasing?
  5. annieang

    WTS: Labelle Bridal Package (Pre-wedding & AD)

    Hello! Do PM me if this is still available :) !!
  6. annieang

    WTS: Preloved Mermaid wedding dress from Labelle Couture

    And how much were you looking to let it go at!!
  7. annieang

    Selling: Brand New Gowns From BHLDN

    Hello! Is the first dress available and able to be altered to a size 6? Lol
  8. annieang

    WTS: AD wedding photography/videography/wedding band

    Hi, can i check how much for photography and video? can PM? Thank you!
  9. annieang

    $500 straight cash off Z Wedding x Chris Ling pre-wedding photography package

    Hi, can i check if this is still available? do you have the full details of the pre-wedding photography? Gowns etc. :) Thanks!
  10. annieang

    Letting go bridal package at THOMSON WEDDING COLLECTION

    Hi, i'm interested, do email me at [email protected] regarding the details. Thanks!
  11. annieang

    Blessed Brides Gown Package to Transfer Cheap

    Hello! Could you email me at [email protected] please? I'm interested! Thank you!
  12. annieang

    Letting go whitelink Deposit @$1200 Includes AD photography and bridal car

    Hi there! Still available? Tried emailing you at [email protected] but didn't get through lol. Thanks!