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  1. Levvvvvv

    Worst wedding photography vendor ever? Thanks (no thanks) Ashton Wong, Ztage and Ztagewedding!

    Hi Kevin, Do you mind sharing their new address? I’ve been trying to contact them for my actual day video for a year (yes, I haven’t received it after more than a year). They’re so ridiculous and I can totally understanding how frustrating it is especially having gone through this whole thing...
  2. Levvvvvv

    WTS TWC gown package

    Hello! I'm looking to selling my ala carte gown package with TWC. My package includes 2 gowns (one bridal and one evening) of your choice, and their gowns are really really pretty. Selling the package as I've decided to go for bespoke pieces. Selling at a very attractive price of $2200...
  3. Levvvvvv

    WTS TWC ala carte gown package

    Ala carte rental of 2 gowns from TWC. Their gowns are really really pretty! Looking for sell the package at $2200