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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    and a few more to take a peek. next year lunch banquet was so cheap. less than $600 per table i heard from Kevin. the tables: the stage:
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    for some who has enquire, a few pictures of novotel lunch banquet
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    ViVi: mine is afternoon too, i'm at level 6. haha. how about a short trip to batam or genting? friendly on your pocket ;) j0yle_t: in my view, one is enough as you will get more than 1000 soft copies. when you have two, will the photos be too overwhelming? i saw the softcopies and was...
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    personally, i prefer 2010 theme, quite like the geek style. i didn't know had to request for it so i got the same setting as Ivy i suppose. it's of purple theme, light and dark shade of purple in fact.
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    thomas: lunch ends around 4pm. the staff will remind you of the time, at least Liz took note of the banquet timing for us.
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    j0yle_t: i don't think so. i wanted to have a waltz dance entrance but hubby didn't want to so no choice have to forgo that idea. it's carpet entrance so i don't think it's possible but you can still ask though. that will be romantic. cheer: yes, finally it's over. kind of relief though...
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    hi all, i just had my wedding lunch at novotel on 29th nov, sun. overall, i am quite pleased with their service, though the food standard wasn't as good as food tasting's one. i especially love the ambiance and the cute dance the waiters and waitress performed during the 1st dish served.
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    seahorse actually nt bad. i have been sleeping mine for a few years and it's still firm. but cos now moving to own flat so was wondering if it's worth investing in a good mattress?
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    Any Quality Supplier to recommend for Curtain, Roman & Roller Blinds?

    jimmy textiles was recommended in a variety show leh. are they really cheap and good?
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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    mine is platform bed. platform bed ranges for the quality of wood you choose from. if u wan pix i can email. hee.
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    Anyone heard of Punggol Clinic for skin problems?

    just curious after hearing so much raves abt him, does the doc treat enlarged pores?
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    About Silicon Bras

    hi, i've tried a few brands like free bra and the one that has tv ads before (forget which brand le), i find these silicon bras tend to lose its stickiness after like 10use and above? i think mayb it's due to the competitiveness and the price has dropped, hence resulting in lower quality...
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    Any good pores treatment to recommend?

    hi girls, anyone tried the east coast freia clinic? they are offering a treatment that will help lighten scars, skrink enlarged pores and smoothen skin(sounds like laser but they are using lamps of light with an equipment to detect ur skin zone area). Each session cost abt $600? i'm currently...
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    Hi all, He was my JP too!! He was nice even though he had 4 ROM to attend to on my ROM day! However, the solemn was cut pretty short as my hubby actually got the time wrong (we held it at My Secret Garden Cafe -outdoor solemn). Despite that, he was still very friendly! =)