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    Active JP/GL

    Hi, Can anyone email me a list of JP too? [email protected] Thank you.
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    (2012/11) NOV 2012 BTB

    Hello all, I'm also a Nov bride, AD on 11/11/12. Can anyone share with me MUA, PG and VG contacts? Any ideas what can we do during the luncheon/dinner other than live bands? my email is [email protected] Regards, Nicole
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    Anyone know experience make up artist? budget a bit tight

    Hi, I'm looking for MUA. AD 11.11.12 Please email to [email protected]
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    A sharing thread: SG vs Taiwan vs JB photoshoot

    Hi all, #1. I've chosen Taiwan. Thinking of going there for tour after photoshoot during that time when I signed the package. However, I've now regretted as the package does not include AD. And it becomes very costly as compared to JB. #2. Mikan Studio in Taipei. Liu Sir was my PG. I did...
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    Actual Day Package Only

    Hi all, Anyone has MUA to recommend that is of reasonable price and of good service? Or any AD package that is of reasonable price? Please send details to: [email protected] Thanks in advance.