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    Grand Plaza ParkRoyal Hotel

    Dear Kitty, Its ok, nobody ever said that we can't make mistakes! Your friends should be happy for you now that you and your fh have taken steps towards making things work again. That the two of you have come out of this learning something and I know that you will grow stronger as a result of...
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    Grand Plaza ParkRoyal Hotel

    Hi Kitty, So you have already gone for PMC. Well, is it a series of sessions? Maybe you could approach your pastor directly and ask him for advice? If your FH is open, maybe you can both talk to your pastor about your differences and see what he can offer. Actually you can really see the...
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    Grand Plaza ParkRoyal Hotel

    Hi Kitty, So glad and relieved to hear that you had a good talk with him! Well, you must feel hurt with regards to what his friends say about you. Don't think it will help things by u confronting his friends. Take some time and really cool off first before talking to your fh about how you...
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    Grand Plaza ParkRoyal Hotel

    Dear Kitty again, Yup, I am sure you have your fair share of fears and insecurities at this point, especially when he doesn't seem to be very devastated... I guess if he has been feeling hurt for the past one year, there must have been many thoughts breeding in his head about how you don't...
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    Grand Plaza ParkRoyal Hotel

    Hi Kitty, Read through the postings in this forum and just wanted to share some thoughts with you. I know that things must be really tough for you now, coping with the break up and all... I guess a decision like this is really hard to make, but like what you said, if this man is really not...
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    Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel

    The L-shaped ballroom killed everything for me when I dropped by to check out the hotel. Yeah, like Blee, I loved the waterfall and how you could actually see the waterfall area from the foyer outside the ballrm. However, the moment I stepped inside the ballroom, I just did not take to it. The...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    I didn't like the layout of the place. The foyer (area outside ballrm where guests have their pre-dinner cocktails) was dark and small. The entire feel of the place was not good and hence my fiance and I immediately ruled it out.
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Hi Angie, The Four Seasons is basically an exclusive venue, as the hotel only has one ballroom. As such, you have no worries about other couples holding their wedding there as well. Another hotel with a single ballrm would be the Sheraton. I considered the Four Seasons but was not too...