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    (2012/09) SEPT 2012 BTB

    anybody has wedding contract that can be used for gate crashing games. my email: [email protected]
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    Any thank you speech to share?

    Hi anybody can share with me a copy of your thank you speech. [email protected]
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    Hmm nutzz so old contract are not entitled to he new theme?
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    (2012/09) SEPT 2012 BTB

    Love_rae manage to secure your solemnizer le? So fast... thought many say most solemnizer can't confirm and only to approach them 3 months before...
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    (2012/09) SEPT 2012 BTB

    I'm going PS on 9 May. Is considering going Botanic Garden, Changi Beach and MBS. Actually thought Changi Airport is quite nice too...
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    Any recomendations for Nubra?? ***

    Anybody got lobang for nubra?
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    (2012/09) SEPT 2012 BTB

    Hi Corrina, can i have a copy of the list too.. [email protected] Thank you
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    Videographers who can process Express Highlights during Wedding Lunch

    I am looking for a VG who can produce the wedding highlights for lunch reception. Please email me the package rates and details at [email protected]
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    Wedding lunch schedule

    I am doing a wedding lunch too.. can anyone share with me your plans.. Thank you! Please email to [email protected]