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    how much would u spend on buying additional photos???

    Hey ladies, I selected my photos about 2 months ago. What I did was to change all the things that I didn't need into poses...for example, all the flowers I didn't need, all the small bookmarks and coffee table books, all changed into total, I got 40 poses and I bought 1 more...
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    An Chuang & Guo Da Li Items - where to buy?

    my parents are going to do it because my HTB's mum passed on a few years ago...but i guess it is fine for us to do it ourselves too. but since we are following most of the steps in the tradition, might as well follow, cos it's so much more interesting. :P
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    (2011/02) Feb 2011 BTB

    Marriott sounds good. however, my htb brefers merchant court for all the perks and the convenience of the venue. Any idea where can i get info about the GDL? cos i get so much information from the shopkeepers that it has become so confusing. :P
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    (2011/02) Feb 2011 BTB

    ah_faith marriott is nice! I asked them...but got so much info! My gosh...î„… so confused by them. Candysiew: it's ok!! Not feb2011 bride oso nvm!!
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    (2011/02) Feb 2011 BTB

    Hey Candycandy001, the required items are the Guo Da Li items...arghhh...quite so headache! Have you gotten any? I bought the teapot, bowls, combs and red lots more!! Hey girls, there are so many things...! Any of you girls have the complete list for a teochew wedding for both...
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    (2011/02) Feb 2011 BTB

    Hi BTBs...can i also join in this wonderful chat! everyone is so nice! My AD is on 13feb2011 and i just went to buy some 'required' items today. Didn't realise that they add up to so much! these are the things that we have booked: BS: Digio VG/PG: Vocare media productions MUA (for AD)...
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    Any cheeky/ funky wedding vows to share?

    Hi BTO, do you happen to have those vows? Can i have them? my email address is [email protected] Thanks dearies!