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    Brother passed away 1 month after ROM

    Without a will, its tough to win this case. Plus she already going to give 50%. So under the law there isnt anything u can fight for. I do believe ur bro would also want to leave sth to her wife.
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    Pls help me

    dear Scope Guy (scopefun) I not sure abt harassing his family to get back $$$...cos that sound like ah long way of doing thing. Worse if they turn the table round and report u to police saying u harassing them. Now the law is v strict on this harassing family member friends etc to get back...
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    Pls help me

    Unless u have IOU,otherwise reporting to police or mindef cant help you.Even if u can proof that there is a loan taken place. But there isnt any state date of return. Unless u can prove that he have intent to cheat. That will be a diff story
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    Depression and sucidial thought - annulment of marriage

    Hi missy tan, so what happen during this 2 year? Is everything settle?
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    About Bridal Shop services

    sad to say we dun have freedom of speech.Anyone can be sue under Defamation if he/she make a false claim.
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    Employment of Contract Staff - Need Advice

    Hope this will help
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    From This Moment full version with vow at the beginning

    Hi Can i have the song "From this moment" with vows. [email protected] Thanks