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    A variety of wine for sale - $10 to $12 per bottle

    Hi, Still available? Please email me at [email protected] Thanks
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    WTS: Wolf Blass Bilyara Shiraz 2011 (750ml) - CHEAP SALE

    Hi, still available? Please email me at [email protected] Thanks
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    WTS: Wolf Blass merlot red wine at $12 each

    Hi, still available? Please email me at [email protected] Thanks.
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    WTB: Wolf Blass Red Wine

    Looking for the above wine, please email pic at [email protected] Thanks.
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    Wedding red wine for sale

    Please send me pic at [email protected] Thanks
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    Red wine for sale

    Keen, pls email me at [email protected] Thanks
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    WTS: Red Wines X 12 @ $180

    Still available? please email me at [email protected] Thanks
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Hi Smilem > How r u? Half year after wedding... Hows life? I m fine... Is anyone here mother to b?
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    Anyone use Outlook Interior at IMM

    Finish reno with outlook on Jan'11. Thumbs up for their service, especially after sales service. Satisfied with the design and price. Anyone need details, pls email me at [email protected]
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    MUA to stay for 2nd march in

    Better hav 2nd march in.. I start my make up at 5pm... end at 5pm...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Hi PeiSze, u add me at FB [email protected]
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Hi PeiSze, I engaged Dana Chang, thumbs up~! Dana Chang contact: 92477093 [email protected]
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Candy > F&E?
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Candy > Ops, then how now? Can change itinery? Plan to go on Aug'11, but i wanna change my mind lahh... Not dare to go there...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Yeah~ Everything going smooth and fine~ Baack to work, cannot think on honeymoon...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    4 more days to go, but i still wor in office till 12am... How to reduce dark circle and eye beg in short time? Anyone did signage in ur wedding... I m still searching my recessional song, anyone can recommend me?
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    j0yle_t (joyle_t) > Thank you for your info =) I m stress now... Only have 2 off day before wedding... And i have to back office after wedding...
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Candy > Thank you. We need prepare 2 or 1 enof?
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Hihi All, Can i know wat kind of pen use to sign in ROM cert? Can use pilot ink pen? Or must use normal ball pen?