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    Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

    Hi Polaris thanks.. how's the service and food there? Regards
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    Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

    Hi Pokemon me planning to have my wedding dinner at hotel rendenvous.. can u share with me your experience (the food and service) of this hotel? Who is the wedding coordinator? Thank you
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    Anyone know this song 'until the end of time'

    Hello ladies Can email me the MP3 of this song by Jordan Hill - Until The End Of Time? My email is [email protected]
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    Anyone has "I could not ask for more"

    Hi Marnie Can send this song to me too Edwin McCain's "I could not ask for more My email is : [email protected]
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Hi ladies Any wedding checklist to share? I'm quite lost
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    Anyone had Homogeneous tiles for Living Room?

    Hi anybody know what to use to mop and maintain the shine of homogenous tiles in living room?