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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    hi bubblene;> the issue is my mum wants an auspicious date no matter what. but i only look at internet for auspicious date, i wanted to get married on 24 April, but mum stops me cos not ausp. so in the end, i have to go for lunch on 26 june since all is taken up.. so did anyone did...
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    hi ice lemon tea and brides having on 26 june is that date auspicious? my mum say it is not but apparently it is cos most of the hotels are all taken up! please advise if you can;p
  3. J

    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    hi lemon tea and fuz mind,great we are all on the same date, but mine only lunch, less fuss.. wa i think i very late. i din even source for PG, VG, wed bands and gowns, fats...even worse! siao liao. maybe i need to delegate to my man.y do i feel i busy marry myself off leh
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    Intercontinental Singapore

    hi all, just signed with intercon..anyone could get a cheaper rate of hotel room. mine is so ex, extra room is 320++ i would like to book for parents though!
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    thanks Kelly! But I have limited money like a lot of BTB. but some money have to be spent cos my BF is only son. so rush, i am wondering maybe i skip the photoshoot. maybe later when i am more free. though i am excited, but i am not so excited abt the amt of money going to throw in. i can...
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    hi my date is 26 june.i just book my venue this mth. i am so tired. i know it is kinda last min, i just get to know my wedding would be june. din know wedding so tired. very hard to juggle work and last min wedding and flat. wonder how to suvive. how much more stuff i need to do leh?
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    Art House Wedding, any advice?

    Hi Lydia Can email me the pictures too? Thanks!!! email:[email protected] By the way, is the overall price very expensive, cos it is so sianz adding so many costs . no wonder so many pple opt the easy way out ie hotel.