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    Eczema problems

    Hi all, want to share with you that, currently, i am using this cream as moisturizer for my hand ...(my palm/feet are having eczema). Silic15 Cream Protective Barrier Treatment. It not only moisture my skin also act as a protecting layer to my skin. if you want to try this, you can buy...
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    Furama Riverfront Singapore

    Hi all, Attended the bridal show last Sat, 23/3 but was rather shock to see so many Malay couples and families there. Just curious, if any of you could help me... are they specialize in Malay food? Should I consider converting the traditional Chinese courses to the Malay courses. I am at a...
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi JC, i had my dinner at Hilton ... and the menus are ... CHINESE SET MENU A (9-COURSE) Hilton Cold Cuts Delights (Chinese Spring Roll, Marinated Top Shell, Crispy Squid, Marinated Jelly Fish & Shark¡¦s Fin Omelette) *** Braised Rana Bisque with Crabmeat & Roe...
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    Biotherm products

    Hi all, you can find the more biotherm product inforamtion at thieir website
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    Biotherm products

    hi Peanuts , did u collect your free gift every monthes. Now must buy more in-order to get more sticker for free full size product !! heehee !!
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    Biotherm products

    hi helen of troy, i am using biotherm for the pass year ... it suit me very much !!