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    Any advise on selecting a suitable mattress ?

    Hi La la ooh, thanx for sharing. i have rotated the mattress before. but it still didn't last more than a year. hmmm.... i think it's either my luck to have bought a king koil which doesn't last long, or my hubby is really that heavy to cause such damage. i have another mattress which i...
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    Any advise on selecting a suitable mattress ?

    hi, i'm looking to buy a marriage bed. which means the mattress is gotta be good quality. do you all have experience of some mattress that starts to go out of shape after a few months of sleeping? the last one that I bought for a super single bed did, and it's king koil mattress. is it that...
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    Any Good Driving Instructor - For refreshing course

    hi masita, you interested in taking up private tutor instead of driving centre lessons? more flexible with timing. if so, let me know. cos i think my instructor is not bad. very patient...