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    DIY Decorations for my solemnization at 1 Twenty Six

    i diy almost all the decos for my rom venue at mandai orchid garden. the flowers should be done the day before and needs to be stored in cold rooms. i did partial centerpieces myself and sub out 4 main floral centerpiece plus bouquet to a florist. You can check through the histry threads from...
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    Advice needed for ROM venues

    mandai orchid garden? mercure roxy hotel? peony jade? i held a simple garden rom at mandai orchid garden as i din wan to hold it rom either 1 yr ago.
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    hi the wedding i m having the standard one with the video and montage. In the end, I decided to have a video montage for tea ceremony for memory keepsake so it wont be much of a point for me to pass you the wedding prog. anyway i am now currently posting some of the pics from the wedding banquet...
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    Outdoor Wedding (Poolside or Garden) ....... any suggestions??

    i did it mainly by myslf. the costing is low since i use lots of fuax flowers instead.
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    so sorry i only have the hard copy and i am too lazy to scan it into soft copy. but i think you can ask from GS directly.
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    The DIY Bride 2010

    hiyo btbs of 2010, i m a btb of 2009. thought since u guys are going lots of diy, i would like to share my blog on all my diys with you pals. however, i m a tech idiot so fari have yet figure how to tag all my post n categorize them. but if you are patient to go through the post, i did a lot of...
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    No Honeymoon

    hiyo guys, i am finally back from honeymoon which i guess most of you too. in the end i settle for hongkong and felt that it was really wonderful esp it is after the wedding. my wedding was on the 22nd nov, so my hubby n i rested for a day before heading for hongkong on the 24th nov. for those...
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    oh yah this is how the executive suite looks like gurls...
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    wah that's pretty expensive => i have a feeling it has to do with the recent renovation work! sigh i guess the later we booked the wedding banquet the more expensive it becomes.
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    hi jenny, how much are they charging right now?
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    Gold or White London Cab

    i rented a beetle cabriolet at only 388 which i think is a better and cheaper deal compared to renting london cabs. i agree that the rates seem expensive, but i think the high costing is becos it comes with a chauffeur which i think u can just asked a xiong di to help out to drive instead to...
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    Does Groom(s) Pay For Their Own Rings????????

    i felt that the proposal ring itself is a bomb to the guys, so for wedding bands, i bought it for both of us as my gift back to my hubby. i feel that the value for the wedding bands (depending on the type that the couples chose) is usually either equal or lower relative to proposal ring => so...
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    Don't want gatecrash

    personally i feel that whether a not you want a gate crash or whether how you wan the gate crash to be like (may it be be wild and fun or romantic and memorable), just let your jiemeis know directly. no point going to the extent of having the groom to come up with excuses like being late etc to...
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    Combing Hair Session for AD

    the hair combing ceremony is before even ur MUA is here. so it is just combing infront of the ancestral table etc with all the customary and auspicious words being said while combing. after ur mua is here, she will finish up ur make up and hair do before your parents comes in again to help u...
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    Change to Tea Dress

    yup, you have to finish up the tea ceremony at the groom's side before you change back to your tea ceremony dress and return to the bride's side forthe tea ceremony. here's my tea ceremony highlight for the order of how things takes place...
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    Any brides-to-be who are teachers?

    hi olivia, i juad my wedding finally. here's sharing the tea ceremony video =) actually i was thinking since u are doing ur wedding during school term you might wanna split it up into 2 days becos it felt...
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    Any Groom Who Self-Drive on AD <IMG SRC="

    my hubby was driving a beetle during our wedding. i think it does appear nicer on the video as it is less clutter w/o another person. it also enable the PG and VG to capture the couple and the car together in bigger size and not just focus on the back of the car. i think open hood cars are...
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    Share your Gate/Door crash idea

    here's the video update :
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    Ok to make wedding prep during 2nd lunar 7mth?

    quite true. but i feel that we can still prep for the wedding in the minimal way as long as we dont carry out major wedding progs like PS, buying of customary wedding items etc will do. other den dat i feel that if time is a rush, well just do it. it is like a suppression and pressure to push...