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    WTS: 3pcs of $50 Carousel Buffet Vouchers

    Selling 3 pcs of $50 Carousel Buffet vouchers at $120. Valid until 31 Oct 2015 Self collect at my blk nesr Khatib Mrt. Terms & Condition: The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts, eve of and on public holidays. Email: [email protected]
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    WTS: Delonghi EC155 Coffee machine/Coffee Maker at $35

    Item sold. Thread closed.
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    WTS: Delonghi EC155 Coffee machine/Coffee Maker at $35

    Letting go a used Delonghi EC155 Coffee machine at $35. Self collect at or near Khatib MRT. Email: [email protected] Features: - Use convenient pods or ground coffee with the patented...
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    Japan trip - where to go

    hi blur, You been to alot of places hor... so which place you enjoy the most huh? Tokyo?
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    Japan trip - where to go

    hi blur blur, I've been to North (Hokaido) part before but not the Southern part yet. May I see your pictures too? my email: [email protected] Thanks alot
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    Qian Xi (Paya Lebar)

    Hi, my dinner is at QianXi Farrer Park. The food is generally nice. But the disk 'Pork Rib' is not that good compared to the rest of the dishes. The staff is helpful and experienced. Also they allow you to exchange/top-up for the dishes you want thus quite flexible. The free-flow beer saves us...
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Hi winnie, We got limited ideas on what to cook Can share with me ur recipes too? [email protected] Thanks alot!
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    Perfect Moment

    hi Tay and Lynn, May I hear the song 'Perfect Moment' too? My AD is next Sat. and I haven't choose the song.. my CD at home is really limited... no time to buy many CDs to choose leh...
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    Any March In Songs 2 Recommend???

    hi maya, May I have a look at your list too?
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    A PLACE to recommend your favourite beauty products.

    hi Harrods, My friend going to HK so thought of asking them to buy. The S$40 eye mask you mentioned is from any shop like Sasa or any counter in HK, or must specifically go to a shop to find? thanks
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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    Stephen, can i view your picture too? My email is [email protected] Thanks.
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    hi, so for those gifts from the bride side eg. toothbrush they're to be kept at the couple's new house? As our house does not have too much space to keep alot of things can we say change them to red packet? thanks
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    Hi Chin Leng, Can I have the GDL list too? [email protected] Thanks.
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    Acyllic frame? where to buy?

    Hi Lynn, May I have the contact too? thanks.
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    Advise on Outdoor Photoshoot Preparation

    hi dorothy, ya the outdoor was fun I'm now trying to plan my budget and hope to get it done (and stick to it) before going for photo selection hehe.. We had to call the taxi (they've no vehicle) it's $50 for abt. 2hr. I brought a set of evening gown to change for PS as we're rushing for...
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    Qian Xi Restaurant (Farrer Park)

    Hi, i've managed to find their contact. thanks.
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    Qian Xi Restaurant (Farrer Park)

    Hi, Anyone knows the no. of QianXi or the Suzanna's hp no.? I think i've lost her namecard. thanks.
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    Body Wellness

    hi, anyone try their collagen eye treatment? is it good? thanks
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    Advise on Outdoor Photoshoot Preparation

    btw. heard from the photographer the old house at Sentosa is under renovation.
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    Advise on Outdoor Photoshoot Preparation

    Hi Dorothy, We started our outdoor PS at around 5.30 and was back about 7.45. We went to Mohd Sultan, Tanglin, Sentosa pond and beach. It was quite rush as the sky is getting dark... We just took a few for each place and stay a while only since I wanted to go so many places hehe.. It's...