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    Amara Singapore

    Hi fairlady, it's white with a little design in front.
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    Amara Singapore

    hey, i just received a wedding invitation from a friend who's holding his wedding at Amara. I must say the card is really nice. very classy!! heard from him that the newly renovated ballroom is very nice.
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    "Guo Da Li (过大礼)" ??

    Hi, my mom also gave the following ang baos - for 'birthdays' so that the son in law will remember all their birthdays - for 'education' for the children - for 'property' (i think it's the same one that boots gave to buy land)
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    To design our own inv card or use hotel provided card?

    to save money, i say use the hotel card but make some variations to it - add a ribbon, print your own inserts on nice paper... etc. since it's complimentary, be creative what u can do with it. unless it's really ugly hot pink. ahaaahaha..
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    China for honeymoon

    Hi, i'm intending to go china for a holiday in October this year - shanghai, beijing and one other place. anything interesting in china in october? where do you suggest for the 3rd place??
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    hi winnie, i'm using aussino bedsheets. they're pretty good leh... but not the t-shirt material one tho..
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    I finally found someone

    u can find it on the soundtrack of "A Mirror has 2 Faces"
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    Anyone ever done E-filling?

    hi lbs, i think they will verify your info when you go down to collect the certs.
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    Sydney - My Honeymoon

    hi totoro, the idea of staying in the blue mountains is not to shop. it is to retreat from the city, rest, relax & enjoy the beautiful nature that you cannot find here. normally what people do is that they drive to blue mountains, stay the night. the next day, they go walking in the...
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    I bought my lightings at Chuan Huat at Balestier. They had very good service. this guy was advising us all the way & also provided alternatives when the 'italian' ones were way over our budget. Spent $500 for whole house: 2 kitchen lights 1 dining hall 1 hall 2 bedroom 1...
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    Hi everyone, I just came back from melbourne! it was FABULOUS!!!! I'm so glad that we didn't postpone our trip because of SARS. glad to get out of this SARS thing for a few days. the singapore media was saying things abt SARS alert in Australia etc.. but let u know, we went through...
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    ya, i don't really believe the media now... sigh... i think they are the cause of paranoia. should check directly with MOH website instead of listening to the news:
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    Hi, Get the latest australian SARS related travel & health bulletin from these websites: If they are barring anyone, it will be in these websites. So far...
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    Hi little gal, I spoke to the Aus High Com and they confirmed that Singpaore travellers are OK to go through because we already have stringent checks on our side. they said that the media did not report that. sigh... i think they're banning people from places like HK, Hanoi & Guandong.
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    Hi, It was on the news that "Australia's chief medical officer has warned that people coming in from affected nations could find themselves barred from entering the country." I'm going to Melbourne next week and was pretty concerned. I gave Australian High Commission in Sinagpore a call...
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    Hi Nero, they will still charge you for installation fee. normally your main reno contractor will have an electrician to take care of all electrical items - eg. fix powerpoints, wiring & includes installation. then you'll only need to pay your contractor. your contractor can also manage...
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    Recommended brand for fridge,TV & Washing Machine?

    Hi home maker, for fridge, - Fisher & Paykel is great! but very ex. - Ariston has nice designs, but somehow it 'cries' abt 3 mths after you use it (lets out a wailing sound every time you open & close the door). had same thing from 2 of my friends. - my fridge is the National...
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Hey Doll, Am going to see SIL next wk with my FH - to show him the gown I like - and also he can see if he's ok with the quote...heh heh... Am also quite into the idea of wearing a Kwa - but got no time to wear it actually! Unless I can have the tea ceremony a different day, or else cannot...
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Hey Doll, I lurve the Ritz! But mebbe mine cannot cos they have some other booking that date. You should try and get your date early early, 'cos they onee haf one ballroom.... ask to speak to the co-ordinator Lillian, she's nice! Good luck!
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Thanks for the welcome! Ivory, I think that your FH will really try his best to make your dream wedding come true! I think those places Marie mentioned range from about $3500 upwards (WG, 1 EG, 1 Suit, bouquet, Hair/Make-up).Gals, do correct me if I'm mistaken... There is this place...