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    Substance Films

    Hi,can you send your AD PG and VG to [email protected] thanks
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    Academy Video Productions

    HI, i am a BTB on 25th July 2010. Can send me packages for AD photogrpahy and videography pls? thanks
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    Advise on gown selection

    Hi Grapey, could you send your bridal package details, wedding shoes lobang and any other useful info you think is necessary for a BTB to [email protected] pls. Saw alot of great reviews on your stuff...thanks
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    hI, for those with bridal packages, can send to [email protected] looking at bridal studios now and these def help!
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    Is this package worth?

    Hi Janet, is your offer still available? can email details to [email protected] pls. thanks Gin
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    Animation Cartoon (Doing a cartoon instead of montage)

    Hi, can you please send a quotation for the animation montage to [email protected]. Feel free to email other details.thanks
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    (2010/06) June 2010 BTB

    I am also a June 2010 BTB..yeah guess 5 June is very hot date...i know for sure the bigger ballroom in gdwood park already taken up!