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    Hilarion Goh Photography

    Hi Hilarion, Usually, where did you send your CD for printing? If you dont mind telling me... Previously, i sent my CD to a shop at tiong bahru plaza for printing. Quite like their skill, but now the shop no longer there I tried to send my CD to a few other photoshops for printing (4R...
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    Gym and Kick boxing classes

    Hi, Anyone try Yoga? is it good? Any recommendation where should i find this course?
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    I finally found someone

    hi sandgirl72 I have email u my other email can take up to 6MB....shld be enough.... Thanks so much!
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    I finally found someone

    hi sandgal72 i am tulip....didn't recv the song file leh.....can u re-send to my email [email protected] Tks!
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    hi seiko, thanks for the info, i search for it tonite. hi jan, i think guest will not look at the ceiling too... cant make up my mind... but i love the rm... hi lena, never mind, hotel oso not bad...
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    hi all, looks like this thread is very hot today! jus wondering if any of u been to act1 for wedding dinner? or hear/seen the act1 ballrm at mandarin? kind of like the little act1 rm, kind of like a garden, but the ceiling is a bit old leh! seiko, hv a wonderful time tomolo during ur ps!
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    I finally found someone

    Hi sandgirl72 Can you send me the song ...I have been looking for this song too..... My email : [email protected] Tks!
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    Merchant Court Swissotel

    Hi, For those who have signed up with MC, how's yr coordinators? Anyone to recommend? Friendly, niocea nd easy to accommodate to yr requests...
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    We have been to see some of the function rooms with the deco all up during dec 02 and we love the floral deco and stands, not sure if it it Gnomes or Green Acres... Hi April, hv u found out if gnomes is out with mandarin? anyone out there could share with us their experience with Gnomes or...
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    Park Hotel Orchard

    Hi annmelody, me have not tried CP food before...oni from hearsay found out that the food is fren attended a wedding there and told me the food is tasty...Have u tried the restaurant food before? good??? thinking of going to the restaurant and tried out the food... Hi shirley...
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    New Zealand

    hi everyone i intend to go NZ for my honeymoon in late Sep. need some help. may i know what is the season over there in Sep? is it Spring? still hesistating whether to join package tour or go F&E. package tour 'coz its honeymoon ..dun have to do planning..can just relax. F&E...
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    Hilarion Goh Photography

    hi Hilarion, I would like to have a copy of your price list too? Please send it to [email protected]. Many thanks.
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    Margaret Brides

    I've heard that Margaret will leave quite a big seam allowance on the wedding gown to allow for any alteration to fit a bigger person in future since the gown is for rental. Heard that this actually affects the flow of the gown at the sides and it's quite obvious. But she'll trim them...