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    Perfume - Which one will you recommend?

    Currently using Lancome Miracle and I love the sweet smell a lot. However, going to finish the bottle soon... thinking whether to buy a new brand of perfume or just stick to this.. Any recommendation?
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    Anyone been to Taipei b4?

    Cosmo Hotel not bad.. definitely clean. Quite true.. mostly winter clothing which you will not wear in Singapore... Haha... but i thoroughly enjoyed myself there.... got so many Taiwan snacks... yummy yummy.. wil go back there again..
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    Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh

    Planning to go Ho Chi Minh this December.... hopefully the bird flu will not affect my trip *Pray hard*
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    Anyone been to Taipei b4?

    Yes.. weather is very cooling... 4D3N only enough to go Taipei alone... I took a 1 day tour whereby they will bring you to the main places of interests, including Beitou. Quite easy to explore the places in Taipei on your own. Cosmo Hotel is very conveniently located at the main Taipei...
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    Batam-weekend gateway?

    Hi... Anyone tried cable-ski at Batam before? Can a non-swimmer try that? Juz curious...
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    Laneige Skin Care

    Just bought the pore tightening essence... Can this can be applied daily?? Anyone here used it before? How's the result?
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    China for honeymoon

    Anyone been to Huangshan? Heard so much about the terrific scenery... would like to spend maybe 2 or 3 days there. What type of tour package would you all advice if I would like to go for a week tour to China? Which are the areas near Huangshan??
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    Laneige Skin Care

    Now there is a promotion for Laneige.. with purchase of $100, will get a 7-piece skincare gift set... seem quite attractive.. anyone interested? But not sure what to buy from Laneige except for sleeping pack... Any suggestion? Are their cosmetic good?
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    Hi gals, Anyone tried Yogasana before? Some feedback pls!! Thanz