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    St Regis Hotel voucher

    still avail? pls email me with more info for use of this room voucher and dining credit. thks [email protected]
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    hi, i'm keen to make a trip to New York sometime next month. anyone knows how about to book the cheapest flight and roughly how much it costs? i have been there about 5 years ago. tat time Northwest Airlines was charging about S$1000+ range (incl. taxes) i surf numerous websites but air fares...
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    MUST GO--- please recommend places in Hong Kong**

    thanks for sharing ur tots on this. the hotel is Harbour Plaza Resort City. its not at Shatin but I understand that there is a huge shopping centre right next to the hotel too. i heard from frenz that nowadays travel agencies tend to put travellers at hotels in NT due to the cheaper...
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    MUST GO--- please recommend places in Hong Kong**

    Hi i have jus booked a Shanghai pkg with 2N free at HongKong. according to the travel agent, 2N will be at 5* hotel but its located at New Territories!! i've been to HK twice but never stayed or visited NT! so i wish to find out if there are any good shopping spots or night markets at NT...
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    Shanghai Jiangnan Tour

    Hi Barbie Doll, Which agency did u book ur pkg with? care to share the costs n itenary? i'm looking at SH pkg too. i know Focal is offering 8 days tour to SH & Jiangnan + 2N stopover at HongKong!! cos its a Cathay Pacific promo. all this for about S$900. it seems like a really good deal...
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    Shanghai & Beijing shopping

    is Nov or Dec a better time to visit Shanghai? how's the weather like? wet n cold? is it better/ cheaper to F&E or join tour to visit Shanghai? any websites to recommend to get more info on SH?
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    Hi, anyone stayed in Banyu Biru Villas b4? coz my co. provides this villa for staff to ballot. so wondering if this is as good as the other villas in Bintan.. understand this is a semi-d villa with kitchen facilities. good for family gatherings n pple can cook there. but i dun cook la :-P...
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    LASIK, where?

    just a thot, would you recommend to do Lasik on one eye at a time or both eyes at the same time? wats the pros n cons? reading thro the thread, it seems that one eye at a time is a more common option. pls share ur experience. thanks
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    hi all, thanks for the advice! if i were to stay one nite outside tokyo, between Mt Fuji n Hakone, which is more interesting? Mt Fuji seems to have nothing much to explore except acsend to the 5th level whilst the latter can get to do Hakone round trip.. or visit both places? if so, how to...
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    hi penelope, i'm gg tokyo in may too. heard tat its cool weather then. which hotel u'll be staying? my fren suggest to stay in UENO area. Is it an interesting place with lots of F&B n shopping? or staying in GINZA is better? folks who have been to tokyo, please share ur experience.:-) coz...