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    A Place for Singles

    scary......did u read 1 of e comments? apparently a guy was happily smokin wif his colleague 1 moment, go doc & die @ e clinic.....
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    Evil Boss

    mine is e worst lah. i cannot get confirmed by e co. bcos of her. even when change superior oso no use cos e B**** backstab me liaoz. end up leaving e co. on a not so gd note..
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    Evil Boss

    i used 2 wk 4 n evil female boss. super auntie & naggy. can giv meetings & tok 1 hr abt food wastage in e ofc. she oni likes guys. eg. choose cuter guys 2 run errands 4 her, her pet is always e cutest guy in e ttaining gp, watever her pet is into, she will create opportunities 4 dem...
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    Eyelashes Extension

    i did my eyelash extension @ a highly recommended shop in Far East. yeah it luk great initially. when it is abt 2 drop off, i can feel e fake lash poking into my eye. removal is tedious, painful & they even cut off my lashes! personally prefer eyelash perming. its nt so uncomfortable...
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    A Place To Vent Anger on Monster In Laws

    wah kaoz so evil. hope she burns in hell 4 all dis bad things done! ummm yeah anyway 2 counter? maybe ur hubby is under her spell? can find out where she hides her voodoo & show it 2 ur hubby? mayb it can shock him awake? my fren used 2 b under a similar situation until i pointed...
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    A Place for Singles

    me 1 2 opt out liao... pray hard hard gt some1 newer hehehe
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    A Place for Singles

    me join me join! but singles waive fees lah. rom pay double, married pay triple!!!
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    Any women here higher sex drive than men?

    Huh... I think there's no fixed standard. It's more about whether you feel satisfied or not?
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    Support group - Divorce

    hi gin, i am not an active member of the forum but been following threads & reading up on advices, preparations of weddings etc. i remembered reading your cheerful posts on many topics. care to share what happened? nothing can be done to salvage the marriage? please take care.