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    any good MUA to intro?

    I had cleo chang for my solomnization she is very gd. I like the 3d looked she does, using a few different shade of foundation but yet not too cakey and over. The con is that she is just a bit too quiet. $450
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    Household expense distribution in your family

    A man must be able to handle all family expenses. And whether if the wife wanna chip in is another issue. This is a man responsibility. I believe u should be firm if u wanna get him to pay. Like decide on a sum of money and said u will only pay that amt and ignore anything else if not u will...
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    Anyone tried TRA?

    Hi guys, This is just my personal feedback on TRA and herbal life. I don deny that it does some help to loss weight but it takes time. I wasn't very displine with the TRA program cuz I don like the shake and I eat as usual, I loss abt 3kg in 1 mth. For herbal life, the shake taste the same...
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    Lose 8kg in 3 weeks slimming deal

    Would like to know what the liquid and powder does?
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    U mean 3mth before n after ROM not wedding day right? Just like to clarify. Thanks.
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    Had received the latest package and there is slight increase in price compare to last yr. but I guess due to the fantastic service the coordinator had provided we decided to sign up. Gave us quite a bit of perks which I feel is a value add service as such 5 star hotel don need to do such...