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    My Dream Wedding

    Hi Danrene/Meiling, Good Idea! so when the MUA meet u, can tell her its already applied ourselves so can do without it. guess i will do it at home before going. anw my package is abt the same as most of you've said. for btbs who are considering MDW, i would say try and bargain as much...
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    My Dream Wedding

    Sounds unpleasant for the PS and photo selection. I will be going for mine soon.
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    My Dream Wedding

    Hi all BTBs, Im thinking of bringing my own ampoules. But wondering if anyone of you did? And, how did the MUA respond? Thanks
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    hi, anyone looking to book pan pac for 2013? understand some of the extra perks cannot be extended for 2013 so wondering what some of you manage to get.
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi, Anyone has the Bridal Suite photos to share? Can you send me if you have @ [email protected]? Thanks!
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    Checklist for Bridal Shop

    hi, could anyone share their checklist with me too? [email protected] Thanks!