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    2012 - Wedding Banquets

    hi, may i have a list of banquet package as well? [email protected] Thank you
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    Orchard Parade Hotel - Tung Lok Classic

    Hi. May I have the details pls? [email protected] Thank you.
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    URGENT***Actual Day Digio Bridal Package to let go!

    Hi Jolyn, We are interested. can you please send your package details to [email protected]
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    Lace gowns

    hi ladies i am keen on lace gown too can u pls email me the details [email protected] thank you
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    Actual Day Package Only

    hi ladies. congratulation to all BTB. i am new here. can anyone suggest me for actual day package only? i dont't need PS and album. i think all we need is PG and VG and AD gown, MUA and groom tux. can anyone share with me their packages? my email is [email protected] thank you...
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    ~~~ Any banquets to release for 2012?~~~

    Hi Kelly12345, tried to PM you but u have set not to accept PM can you please email me your package i am looking for may 2012 banquet thank you
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    (2012/05) May 2012 BTB

    Hi gal. I am May BTB too Can anyone suggest where can i rent wedding gown for the actual day? budget around 2k. would that be possible? does it come with MUA? I have my PS done. i have not book my banquet. any suggestion? thank you in advance.