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    Infidelity, Divorce, and Moving on

    Your husband is a self-centered and selfish man that has no respect for you. He’s walking all over you and it’s making you doubt about yourself, affecting your self-esteem. He doesn’t give a damn about you and your devastated feelings. He does not love you. Don’t ever take him back and don’t get...
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    Dying Inside and Lost

    Put yourself in your wife’s shoes. Imagine you married your first love and you were in the same situation as your wife ( first love never loved you, ‘settled’ with you and loved others), how would you feel?I believe you would feel betrayed and devastated if you put in the same situation as your...
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    Micro Needs Help Saving Marriage

    I would suggest gynaecologist and sex therapist for your wife. What causes a Shallow Vagina and How Is It Treated? (
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    How to stay positive during a divorce?

    FYR Read : 1) How to ruin your child’s chance of a happy love life: Have an affair— and the damage is WORSE the older they are when you stray ( by Kate Figes) 2) Child Custody, Care and Control & Access : Singapore Guide
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    How to stay positive during a divorce?

    Your husband put all the blame on you because he tried to justify his cheating. He refuses to be a responsible adult and cannot accept blame for destroying the marriage. He is a coward. Singapore courts always gives joint custody with the mother given care and control unless the mother is found...
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    How can I salvage my marriage.

    Thanks everyone for your well intended advice....It is really a tough time and I don't have that many friends to share my woes with. You can try this: Quote: RAINBOWS is a peer support programme for children and adults who have experienced death, divorce, separation...
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    Sad and looking for help about annulment..

    Every healthy relationship is built on love, trust and respect. Both also need to be able to speak their mind and truly listen to each other. If there is no trust, respect and communication in a relationship, what’s there to be in a relationship full of falsehood. His previous marriage and...
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    I realised I did not really love my wife anymore after marriage

    What’s more important right now is that your wife has been hurt terribly and can get suicidal easily. Her entire marriage has been a lie. Deceived someone who loves you and commits her life to you is never justifiable. You literally destroyed the life of your wife because she’d never be able to...
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    Have you ever wished your spouse dead?

    You are in an abusive marriage and you have reached the stage you wished your spouse dead. This is a strong sign that your marriage is already over. My suggestion for you is to list out the pros and cons to STAY or GO in this abusive marriage where your kids are involved. Think logically and...
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    Questions on uncontested divorce

    Read : 1) Divorce: All you need to know 2) Online Divorce in Singapore: How it Works and Should You Get One?
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    To Divorce Or not to

    Parents play a role model in every child’s life. To stay in an abusive marriage for 12 years was never for the benefit of your sons. Witnessed the father abused the mother, it scarred them for life. They may grow up to be abusive themselves. You have a boyfriend now and you are still legally...
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    Advice on verbally abusive boyfriend and impending BTO completion (2 years left or so)

    Move on Read : 1) Turning Your Breakup into a Breakthrough (by Roxy Zarrabi) 2) How to want to Get Over a Breakup (by Jen Kim) 3) 4 Ways People Sabotage their Breakups (by Jill P.Weber)
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    23 years of marriage...throw in the towel?

    You have access to all your husband money and you still complained he doesn’t give you allowance ( from Husband and hp games). FYI, most married women do not have access to all their husband money. You should count your blessings. As mentioned by zorden2003, please don’t abuse the trust. Your...
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    23 years of marriage...throw in the towel?

    He used to celebrate your birthday and now stopped. He made no response even you told him after it’s over ( from Husband remember everyone’s else’s birthday except mine). You tried to connect with him but got rejected. It’s possible a sign he is not invested in the relationship anymore. That’s...
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    23 years of marriage...throw in the towel?

    Marriage Counselling: How Does It Work and What to Expect
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    23 years of marriage...throw in the towel?

    TS, you made a commitment and have chosen to bring your daughter into your marriage, you owe it to her to do everything in your power to reconnect, fix what is broken, and provide healthy role models. You loved your husband well enough to marry him 23 years ago. He isn’t cheating on you, isn’t...
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    Break up when we were working things out...

    Continue to go counselling for your healing and maybe depression. Read: 1)How to Want to Get Over a Breakup (by Jen Kim) 2) 4 Ways to Successfully Manage a Breakup (by Jill P.Weber) 3) 4Ways to Not Beat Yourself Up Over Your Breakup (by Jill P.Weber).
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    Advice on verbally abusive boyfriend and impending BTO completion (2 years left or so)

    Read: 1)What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like 2) 20 signs Your Partner is Controlling (
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    sorry for my rant.. but i need some advice

    What can a man in a sexless marriage do about it?
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    sorry for my rant.. but i need some advice

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