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    Advice : Not to use Visualwerks

    Hi Fairly, there's always a reason behind everything... Did u ask him? After all, this PGs and VGs are all human like us... There's always a reason, should ask him... U won't know if reali fates that playing him, at that moment like, his whoever met an accident or something nasty, touch wood...
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    Oic... Tat's good Rebeana... At least solved... Whatever it is, there's always a reason behind it... So look at the bright side oka... Stay happy preparing ur big day!
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    Any Groom Who Self-Drive on AD <IMG SRC="

    Ya... Do agreed converter car all nice... But touch wood, "Don't rain"....
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    Hi Rebeana, as always every year, u got lots of wedding invitation from fren during the season of mid year and end year right? Tat's explain the busy busy busy period they are going through in order to reply ur email. But I think probably u call them will be a better idea? If you are in a...
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    Any good bridal shops?

    Mmm... Seems we only have brides and not groom here in this thread... Can some kind brides share with me some of your packages for Bridal or AD to [email protected]. Of coz good one with affordable rate? My wtb, very no sense of budget one... Therefore I'm here to do research...
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    Outdoor Photoshoot Locations

    Hi Baby, tat's your photo?! OMG! is awesome! I'm kinda bird about all wedding stuffs... but could you share with me which bridal you took and where's this place?