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    Kritina, Thanks for recommending Jmbali. They are absolutely wonderful. Service is good and prompt when you make inquiry. Joseph is in town and I even met up with him. Looking forward to my trip in mid Dec. Strongly recommend to those who plan to visit bali
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    Champagne Gold London Cab

    Dear White Twinkle, Victor cab is the champagne Gold. He can be contact @ 96385275. He is a very nice uncle. He even have carpet in his cab and the Xi word in the car as well as a just married sign at back window. Very thoughful of him. Thumb up for his service.
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    Champagne Gold London Cab

    Hi all, Had just use Victor champage gold cab for my wedding yesterday and it was really nice. VIc is such a professional uncle who help tie the car deco and even put a just married sign at the bad of the car. Furthermore, there is also Xi sticker at the car. Highly recommended.
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    Club Chinois

    Dear all, I just hold my wedding last evening at CC and it was really a memorable experience. Arthur is a fantastic banquet manager and we really had a great time there. For those who is planning to hold your banquet there, you definitely make the right choice.
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    Wine on Consignment Basis

    Dear All, The wine co below is having promotion and they have one red wine going on consignment at 12.90 each. Maybe can give them a call if you keen. Only the 25 bottle onwards is on consignment basis Eshcol Wines Block 1004, Toa Payoh Industrial Park Lorong 8 #06-1485 Singapore 319076...
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    At The Beginning - Donna Lewis & Richard Marx

    Hi To2ro, My e-mail is [email protected] Thks.
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    Champagne Gold London Cab

    Dear Min, Thanks you so much. Just to check with you. What is the rate you pay and can victor tie the car deco?
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    Club Chinois

    Dear Jewelmelody, I book my package on last year Sep for the Nov date. Cheers
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    Club Chinois

    Hi Nattie, Dun worry too much. I will be holding my dinner at cc in Nov 06. So far, I had heard quite a few gd comment from my frd and colleague on the food. Since they are from tunglok. It should be of standard. Dun let a comment spoilt your mood. cheers
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    French Love Songs

    Hi Hsin. May I have the song please.. thanks a million [email protected]
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    Anyone has the song 'Truly madly deeply'?

    Hi Shirley, Can send the song to me as well. [email protected] Thanks
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    A Moment Like This

    Hi Mav, pls kindly send to me too...Thanks [email protected]
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    1st dish song?

    Hi Jenn kindly send me the song "Be My Guest" [email protected]
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    Any sample wedding speech for the big day

    Hi, Winnie! can u also share with me your Thanks You script pls? Thanks [email protected]
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    From This Moment full version with vow at the beginning

    Hi Jenn, can email me the song to me as well. Many thanks!!! [email protected]
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    At The Beginning - Donna Lewis & Richard Marx

    Hi To2ro, can you please send to me too? Thanks a million! [email protected]
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    A few questions....from Gan Jiong Bride to Be

    Hi Poshies Could you kindly send a list to [email protected] Thanks!
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    Gold or White London Cab

    Hi Minhue and Belle could you kindly send me the contacts and the rates pls. THanks!! [email protected]
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    Any March In Songs 2 Recommend???

    Hey Jenn Can I have this sounds 1. "Let there be Love" by Nat King Cole 2. "Fly me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra . 3. "Fallen" 4. I finally found some1 5. Allegrato by The Bond 6. Love of my Life