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    Hilton Hotel

    hi lladro, no prob.. would b happy to share.. hi piggypig, u might wanna consider the yam rose with mixture of cream roses? i think dat will look good.. cos i used this combi for myself last time.. keke...
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    Hilton Hotel

    hihi ladies.. sorry to intrude.. happen to pop in & look at the posting.. hm.. i had my wedding in 2003 at hilton.. had a wedding high tea.. had great service, good food.. compliments from my guests... not sure abt the decor now.. but i attend my fren wedding last year... i think...
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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    hi bigtoes.. mind sharing with me too?? my email : [email protected] Thanx!!
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    Any good Geomancer to recommend?

    hi rock_baby, can u pm me contact of ur fengshui master?? tHanx!
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    Hilton Hotel

    hi sun, got ur mail! thanx!!
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    Hilton Hotel

    hi summerala, ya.. u can contact june or jac.. think there is only both of them doing wedding banquet.. dats wat june told me last time.. hi sun, mind to share how u do table??
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    Hilton Hotel

    hi sun.. can u pm me the format of the table tabulation?? need to put it in other thread.. hee..
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    Hilton Hotel

    hi everyone.. glad to heard so much positive feedback u u gals.. i'm one of hilton bride oso.. hee.. but that was in 2003.. sun.. i agree with u dat june is indeed very nice person.. in fact.. the whole banquet team provide excellent service on my big day.. i got lots of compliments from...
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    Wedding Rings

    Hi, We bought our wedding rings from Fairy's Inc. We customize our designs which is why we paid around $1,700 for a pair! But we thought it was worth it cause we are going to use it for a life time!! But you should drop by and have a look at some of their unique designs. As chances are your...