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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    Hihi, am new here..just came across this forum.. Am officially a Jan 09 bride as well.. Wedding Date: 1 Jan 2009 Wedding Venue: Marina Mandarin BS: White Link PG: TBA Needa some help here... I am looking at live photograhy on tt day.. meaning once the photographer has took the...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Hihi, can anyone share with me on marina's wedding package..I only managed to find mandarin hotel packages... Can share with me 2009 packages if it suits pls? thanks a lot
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    Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    Hihi, May I know wat is the cost of the wedding lunch @ oriental during weekend for those who have signed up with them? Is it possible to share with me the wedding perks?
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    Amara Singapore

    hihi, does anyone know the 2009 package? the webby does not have many details ... Need to make a comparison..
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    Republic of Sg Yacht Club RSYC

    Hihi,can someone send me the wedding package at RSYC? I am keen on that place too, thanks
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    Solemnisation at Tapestry Room - CSC @ Bukit Batok

    Hi, I just saw this thread on the tapestry room. My location has just been fully booked and am now desperate for a place. I have checked the website and I am thinking of having my ROM at tapestry room too. Is there anyone who can share with me some of your solemnisation photos? or the...
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    shellie, i am interested too. Pls email me @[email protected]