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    $950 for sliding glass kitchen door?

    Hi ashtray! have pm-ed you.
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    $950 for sliding glass kitchen door?

    I have ask the stickerman to email you. No probs.
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    Glass Door for kitchen

    Frosted decorative sticker might do the trick. Somthing like this. THis is the contact of the stickerman. 91431104.
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    Any experience with tempered glass ?

    Another way to prevent this is to have safety decorative film/sticker. Even the glass shattered into pieces, sticker will still hold up the debris.
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    $950 for sliding glass kitchen door?

    $950 is way too expensive. The glass man must be laughing all the way to the bank. The basic cost of glass is actually very cheap. Can always get a sticker man to install those special effect sticker, eg. frosted ones with designs. I got my stickerman to design for our kitchen glass door...