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    Help help!

    1. Probably a troll 2. If true, kenot help oredi la.
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    Dear watching, You of all people should know marriage is a serious thing. Kenot simply whack one. You got conned liao. Actually you bot old stock, that's why got offer. Another thing, why offer must buy? Got two and half months bonus isit?
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    Dear watching, You very free isit? Buy a ring in case you get married. Where got people like that one? After you get fat fat, ring kenot fit then how?
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    Help help!

    Jumping off from a tall building might do the trick.
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    Mid Life "Crisis"

    Jumping off a building might bring a certain degree of clarity. Oh yes.
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    Dear watching, Are you getting married? What the story?
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    ~~ Words for Women ~~

    That's super bo liao.
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    My Wife Has Died

    She left you because you're boring. I got bored after the 2nd paragraph. Wassup with all that god shit?
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    Need Advice- Birthday Gift

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    First night.....

    Dear watching, Milo is a fag because he loves to open his mouth to blab about anything whether it concerns him or not. I heard he loves a dildo. But he is so fat you need stadium flood lights to find the entry point. Good luck, my son. Please remember to wear gloves.
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    First night.....

    Dear watching, I was completely hamsap in my younger days. Lao Chiao like us eat salt more than you eat rice. But purely for the purpose of living vacariously through the lives of young bucks such as yourself, please go ahead and share your kinky stories. Are any animals involved? But...
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    Do i have erectile defunction?

    I just love this forum.
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    First night.....

    Dear watching, You very free isit?
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    I am dating my ex's son.. Should i continue?

    Gee, this thread is still alive?
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    First night.....

    A really good blow job will solve all the above problems. For how-to, please google "blow job, video". Amen
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    ~to divorce or stay on for my child~

    That's why I cannot understand why you people go get married because of some stupid reason, like getting a HDB flat. Renting cannot meh? Better live together a few years then get married. See that fello chut pattern or not. If chut pattern, run fast fast.
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    Regarding finances

    Oh please, it doesn't cost a bomb to get married la. Whoever say it is, is a moron. ROM fee = S$26. Wedding dress rent from JB = RM500 Photos = I take for you, cheap cheap S$300. Wedding car = I lend you, FOC. (Pink ribbon oso provided) Ta pao food to do buffet at your flat =...
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    Be happy always, love yourself

    I LOVE myself everyday. Oh yes.