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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    Thanks all for welcome me. Thomas: Danzen is exactly the sore throat med name.haha. Just a nick. My budget about $4-5k. I read some forumer said Mydreamwedding offer PS at hong kong or taiwan. Package about $5-6k. i need to add more on the budget?
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    My Dream Wedding

    Hi all, I'm new here, MDW look like very nice. Congrats MissyLois, you look gorgeous. I m looking for BS and plan AD on mid next year. I m curious, what you all said is fly to hong kong or taiwan to PS? All expenses include in the package? Mind share with me some of your PS and...
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    (2010) 2010 Brides

    Hi gals, I m new here, I planned my AD on mid of 2010. I still dunno where should i go for BS, please give me some guide, i have tight budget so really appreciate if can share with me what is the package cost gonna be.
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    Any good bridal shops?

    Hi, I m new here. I planned my wedding on next mid year. I still not visited any BS, any married couple can share with me yours experience. Forum strongly recommend Venus at JB or should i get BS at singapore instead? I have very tight budget, any good recommendation? Please share me your...