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    Electrolux - Washing Machines

    Hi all, I have a Electrolux (brand new) Washing Machine (model: EWS1090) 8kg front load for sale. usual price is $1465, really to let go at $1250. Please call 96865478 for more information.
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    Eczema problems

    Hi Natsuk, You also suffer from eczema? I found that when I am stress or forgot to moisturise the skin, it comes back. I also tried Euccerin samples that were given out freely in the pharmacies. Somehow I find rather sticky and smell funny. Still sticking back to this Cetaphil Moistuising...
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    Affordable Toilet Bowls, Basins, Taps & Accessories

    Recently I bought hood/hob, basins, toilet bowls from this shop called U-Home in Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. I walked all shops in Jalan Besar, IMM and U-Home prices are the best. Service good also.Worth your consideration.
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    Recently have a new medication called Tri-Luma, worth a try to lighten pigmentation. It was mentioned in newspapers. But need a doctor's prescription.
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    Eczema problems

    Hi all, I ask doc, she tells me eczema cannot be cured, only have to learn to manage, and keep stress level down! I have been using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and its moisuturing cream for years. Have tried QV, Avene but still prefer Cetaphil. For those, who likes to keep clean, have found...
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    Any good cleanser?

    Hi, for people with dry & sensitive skin, must try Cetaphil Gentle Skin. Got this from a skin doc in NAtional Skin Centre, really soothes my dry skin...Widely available in hospital pharmacies, Guardian, NTUC's Unity and Watson's.