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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    lily The GCW has many function rooms that you can rent, but if you only need it for a short period the day of your dinner mayb you can negotiate with your coordinator? I got to use a small room beside the grand ballroom for 1-2 hours for my tea ceremony free of charge. They were so helpful they...
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    Cats Lovers??

    gwnn Is your cat sterilised?
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    fantasy yes, my plans are to have ROM and customary on the same day. Now I have to pay $200 to get the special licence becos there's less than 21 days to my AD!
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Hi gals Our ADs are drawing nearer, hope everyone's progressing according to schedule... cos I'm not! *sob* I don't think anyone can be as blur as me right? I settled little things like parent's suits long ago and forget the most important item which is to file the notice of marriage!!! Now I...
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Hi gals M not a PP bride but saw the postings on the bra and decided to kaypoh a bit. Tangs selling the bra named Flaunt, Metro selling brand Papillion. They look exactly the same and are priced $69.90. Both available in S, M, L in black or nude. I bought at Tangs cos that time got 10%...
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    allison I am holding my wedding solemnisation and lunch reception at GCW in June. Will be using the grand ballroom (4th level) and will have the stage right in front of the 'mini garden'. I must admit that it might look a little boring with just the garden as backdrop, that why we decided to...
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    I have seen good reviews about Mega Discount Store for their electrical appliances, but has anyone bought aircon from them? How's their worksmanship and service? Thanks!
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    My PS on 3rd Apr, will keep cubby n onee advice in mind! Jus discussed n decided on the design of my WG with my BS ytd but still feeling insecure, what if i look horrible in the design i chose? How does a bustier empire A-line dress (organza on duchess satin) sound to u gals???
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    Any Clubbers Out There?

    The club in Marriot is Bar None. The band is pretty good and very friendly too. Celebrated a friend's Bday there. We wanted to dedicate a song, the band actually introduced her and invited her on stage to say something.
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Hi Yvonne, if you have the UOB Ladies' Card you may want to go Nails Couture at Mandarin Hotel (Orchard). Mani $15 and Pedi $28, but if you go Mon-Fri 12-5pm its only $35 for both.
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Hi gals Happy Chinese New Year to all!!! Thanks for the advise about getting a BS soon, I think I must start getting gan cheong and look around fast! Thank goodness I found this forum so could shortlist a few - Dang, Flamingo & Le Galleria. Hope to make appointments and settle on one...
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Hi gals, m new here. Congrats to all Jun brides! M getting married on the 6th of Jun too like Fantasy, Cubby and Sugarbaby. Will hav a ROM + Hi-tea buffet at Grand Copthorne Waterfront, but hav yet to decide on bridal studio...