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    WATER HEATER brands

    Any comments on ariston instant heaters? how much does it cost?
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    Anyone hear of Inner view or 3D Innovations in IMM?
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    Where to get cheap & reasonable wrought iron window grills?

    hi tomodachi, can i have the contact for the direct supplier? Thanks [email protected]
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    Sengkang Rivervale 150 series (Chip Huat Construction)

    Hi all, just in case any of you wondering if i have spoken to any officer on Rivervale, the answer is 'NO' coz i am nt from Rivervale, mine is from Site A Sembawang. But I did spoke to officers from HDB regarding other issues when i went there directly rather than calling. Hotline ppl can't be...
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    Sengkang Rivervale 150 series (Chip Huat Construction)

    hi all, just to let you know, dun take those ppl from HDB hotline for granted, they are those that usually sit at the counter in the HDB lobby. I called to ask about the same thing on different occasion and i always get something different or extra which doesn't tally with wat the previous...