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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    hey this sharing of information on solemisation is very useful... i have been wondering this and intend to ask the wedding planner on this coming sunday wedding show... now i know wat to expect... but the thing i m looking at something more than solemisation... looking at a church ceremony...
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    helo all the Aug 09 BTBs! Wondering if anybody is getting married on the 15 Aug 09?
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Hi Adrian, Did you have your ROM on the same day as your wedding banquet? May i know what kind of freebies you got and where did u hold it? I am planning to do my solemnization n wedding banquet on the same day at the same location.
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Hi Joey, i agree with ju_ed, should really try Four Seasons. Their Western and Eastern rooms on the 20th level (if i m not wrong) is really gorgeous with fantastic views and nearby pool side... really very nice... but for 80pax you need to use both western and eastern room as each room can...
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    Amara Sanctuary

    Hey, does anyone know what kind of wedding show perks Amara Sanctuary gave out previously? I called them to find out but they mentioned it's top secret until the show day. Amara Sanctuary wedding show is on coming 13 July...