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    TG Goh - makeup artist

    Can some kind soul please pass me his contacts please. I am shopping around for MAU too! [email protected] TIA!
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    Yvonne Creative

    I was told by several of my close friends that everything within a package must clearly be indicated in the invoice, else risk getting played out by the BS. Always always double check. My hubby has 2 friends who were YC brides. They were actually very happy with YC's services and I'm quite...
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    St. Regis Singapore

    I was a bridesmaid to my friend's wedding 2 years ago. Lavish settings and extremely presentable and the ambience was really perfect! Will be shortlisting St Regis for my wedding banquet but I guess its too soon to be requesting for a quote for my wedding which is set to take place in 2015... My...
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    It's still not too late Joey. We still have one over year to plan and shop around! :D It is actually quite physically tiring to squeeze the entire shopping process within a short few months. So at least we can shop, stop, shop, stop.
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Yah I agree that nothing can be compared to style weddings! More tips and info for me to digest! And I recently stumbled upon The Wedding Accolade! Looks like we will be having like Superbrands kind of recognition only that this one seems to be specially created for wedding services! How thoughtful!
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    Where to print 50cm by 70cm poster for wedding fingerprinting?

    U can try Linkbanner. They are the major suppliers for most of the printing shops at Bras Brasah
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    I went to check out their website and the announcement of the winners will be made nx yr!
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Hahaha I always like to flip through wedding magazines even before we decided to talk about getting married. I just like to see the beautiful gowns and imagine myself in a ballroom "pong pong" gown :P
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Hehehe! My HTB say I so kiasu and can't wait to marry myself off... :oops:
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    I like to check out the wedding gowns and see what wedding shows there are :P there are also interviews of wedding couples too, which I think is quite nice :P Not bad, I still managed to stumble upon this accolade thingy. Haha! So I can wait next March to find out who has won the award before I...
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    Phoebenghx, it seems to be some award thingy that will be presented to the bridal shops with good customer service? I guess its something like the SRA Retail Award where there is mystery shopping involved? Took 2 pics for you to see. Since my wedding is in 2015, I still have time to wait till...
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    We plan to wed in 2015 too! Just bought Style Weddings so that we can start budgeting :P (kiasu also hee!) I saw this Wedding Accolade thingy. Did you girls see it?